To Follow or Not to Follow: South Carolina Politicians Who Twitter

We witnessed an interesting conversation on Twitter yesterday, as a well-known local television anchor pondered whether or not he should follow politicians on Twitter. He said, "Have resisted following politicians thinking I have to follow all or none, but I have several following me now and feel rude. Opinions?"

The advice that other Twitterers gave him was a resounding Yes, with one newspaper reporter even remarking "You should follow them. Even if it is mostly useless chatter, to quote The Wire, all the pieces matter."

Subsequently, another user tweeted a fairly comprehensive list of well-known South Carolina politicians, candidates and politicos. The list, part of the website SC Tweets, was created by SC State Representative and realtor Dan Hamilton (@dphamilton) and Columbia-based political consultant and tech enthusiast Wesley Donehue (@wesleydonehue). The site has a lot of well-known names and is a valuable resource, if you do the Twitter thing. Take a look at the site and bookmark it.

Should you follow politicians on Twitter? Absolutely. Twitter allows politicians to speak directly to you, so you can hear straight from the horse's mouth how they feel about issues that affect you every day. Not to mention, it's sort of entertaining to watch them tweet about what kind of barbecue they ate for lunch.


Fred Cunningham - News Channel 7 said...

Had no idea my question would lead to such an interesting blog. For the record: I follow politics closely.

Way too closely at times.

When it came to Twitter, I took the stance that to be fair I had to follow all SC politicans or none.

But hearing the unanimous advice to make the jump from people I respect, I have added around 20 so far.

Get with me at @fredontv if I don't have you on my following list. Thanks to the people mentioned above for posting a very, very good list of politicans in SC.

Great blog, thanks!

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